Mall Rules for Visitor - INFINITI MALL Andheri

Welcome to Infiniti Mall, Andheri. We are happy to have you as our visitors, to provide you with a pleasant shopping experience, we request your cooperation with the following:

Observe and obey all National, State and Local Laws.

No smoking, no alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, paraphernalia permitted.

No fire arms, sharp instruments, explosice, inflammable materials permitted.

No fighting, harassment, offending others, provoking, confrontations or disruptive conduct of any nature.

No shouting, making loud noises, or using indecent language or playing loud music.

Refrain from defacing or damaging mall property.

Please use our benches and chairs for sitting only.

Please do not sit with your feet on top.

Do not run. Please do not block access to store entrances, corridors or parking areas.

Animals and pets are not allowed in the mall.

Dress Code: must have decent attire and no exposed undergarments.

No clicking photos, videos and audio tapes of mall property or mall store fronts.

No distribution of literature, special promotions permitted without mall management consent.

Minors should be accompanied by a legal parent or guardians, during regular school hours.

You must leave the mall at closing, do not park or loiter on mall property.

Unauthorized vehicles parked overnight will be towed at owners expense.

All personal belongings are of the respective owner's risk.

The Mall Management office reserves the right to change, modify or add any rules deemed necessary for a pleasurable shopping experience, without prior notice. Please contact Mall Management office with any questions or concerns.

Infiniti World Program at Infiniti Mall Andheri,Malad

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